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The preserve summit homes by Jerry Blakemore

"Land of extremes. Land of contrasts. Land of surprises. Land of contradictions. A land that is never to be fully understood but always to be loved by sons and daughters sprung from such a diversity of origins, animated by such a diversity of motives and ideals, that generations must pass before they can ever fully understand each other.

That is Arizona."

Arizona: A State Guide, compiled by Workers of the Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of Arizona, 1940


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The Preserve Summit consists of 160 lots, built from 1998 to   2005.  

Lot sizes varied greatly providing opportunity to accommodate the needs of buyers with preferences for custom designed homes in that area.

" Change your location and your outlook of life will change with it."

Mel Brooks

"What more could you ask for”,

I thought when I first saw this land, it was so striking.  This is “Paradise on Earth.”

Jerry Blakemore


Castle Homes Arizona

I knew we had to create something that had never been offered before in North Scottsdale when I first saw the lot. The land was so spectacular that the challenge was to see if we could design homes justifying the views. We came up with five floor plans and three elevations each.  We had the space to factor in courtyards with swimming pools and cool water features, detached guesthouses, incredible  stone paved entryways and our signature ‘see through” construction to frame the views of the surrounding landscapes. 


Our designs became so popular that this project sold out incredibly fast. The majority of our buyers moved up from other homes we built at Legend Trail and decided to become full time residents of Arizona. Very few of these homes have re-sold. The owners just never want to move.


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